This music is void-music

By Almark

I’ve always been an individual, I made it a habit of not following the crowd as a child and then adulthood. I get all kinds of people telling me what my music sounds like and that’s normal, but I don’t want to put myself in the same place forever. This is why I’ve dubbed what I do ‘void-music‘ sometimes it feels Avant-Garde, sometimes it’s mainly Electronic, but it does not feel mainstream nor trendy or commercial. While it is Electronic, it’s just a different type of Electronic, it’s not wrong to want to be in your own boat, the world needs more originality, that’s for certain. Sometimes it feels like I’m making music in a vacuum of space, a void, a good example of this is my album “Thought Patterns in ‘Documentary’ Form” I wanted to do the most strange music I’ve ever done before, so it’s very much Electronic/avant-garde, but calling myself Avant-garde is too cliche’ too easy. It feels like I’m seriously in a void that I don’t want to claim anything genre based. A lot of people these days really don’t like being labeled, and even this ‘void-music’ thing could be considered. Really the media is who makes up these genre names, and we cling to them and have an obsession to name everything with sound something. Void-music is just what it wants to be, it’s me doing what I feel like without the need to explain; instead the music moves you in the direction it’s telling you. All this seems very eccentric of me, but it’s just me stretching out poetically as a artist and person. I may expound more on this term later, once I think how to explain it more. Until next time..

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